Round One Wrap-up

Let’s take a look at all the clubs as they have now completed the first round of play.

Tier 1

The St. Lawrence Laurentians:
After showing early signs of faltering, the St. Lawrence Laurentians have rebounded and are again the 2002 Challenge Cup favourites. To start with, the Laurentians have the two best strikers in the province, Rudy Norman and Richard Kelly.
Secondly, the Laurentians boast the top two midfielders presently playing the game-Paul Slaney and Andrew Perrot. Combine them with the league hardest ball shooter Chris Caines and young, versatile Paul J. Slaney and this foursome become unstoppable.
Thirdly, the Laurentians again can brag that they now have the finest duo in the centre fullback position in this province. That's sweeper Bob Spearns and Clinton Edwards. Veteran wingbacks Scott Bishop and Blair Aylward also know what winning is all about.The Laurentians possess two talented goalkeepers Pat Byrne and Shane Etchegary. The Laurentians also carry a very strong bench.
Coach’s Corner Comments:
The sudden resignation of 15 year veteran, Laurentian all- star goalie Keith Jackman will hurt. My main concern is that when the final whistle blows in 2002,will the Laurentians miss Keith Jackman or will Keith Jackman miss the Laurentians?
Round two prediction - Laurentians -1st.


The early season injury to Gus Richards has hurt this team offensively. The Feildian's are still searching for a compatible partner for the speedy Matthew Wilkins. Wally Isaacs hasn’t looked comfortable while trying to compliment Matthew. As long as Matthew remains the only bonfide scoring threat for the Feildians, they will suffer offensively. The addition of newcomer Randy Turpin will help.
Midfielders Ian Osmond, Jamie Carew, Patty Kennedy and Patrick Edwards are adequate defensively but are powerless offensively. The defensive twosome of Tommy Dunderdale and P.J Power has presented problems. The two youngsters from the Canada Games team, Steven Croft and Chris Roche are developing reasonably. Goalkeeper Matthew Prim continues to impress. Prim has all the tools that a great goalie requires and may very well be the best goalie in the league today.
Coach’s Corner Comments:
Coach Jim Hamyln’s experiment to play all-star sweeper Craig Edwards in the mid- field or wingback position has proven to be a disaster. Craig is simply not comfortable there. In order for this team to challenge, Coach Hamyln must show aggression and leadership. It’s imperative that Craig Edwards and Tommy Dunderdale form the nucleus of the Feildians center back line or it’s game over for the Feildians 2002 squad.
Round two prediction - Feildians - 3rd.

Holy Cross:

Forward Jay Babstock’s reformed attitude, combined with a new level of fitness, has contributed to his goal scoring ability. Striker Cormack Meagher has complimented Babstock with a newfound scoring touch.
The return of Jerry Lacey combined with Shane Antle leaves Holy Cross very strong in the middle. Trent McClellan and Doug Campbell are steady. Holy Cross’s MVP Chad Parsons is on course for all-star selection. His physical dominance compliments his defensive teammates Sean Connolly, J.B.Delrizo, Mark Fleming and Jeremy Babstock.
However, the demise of this team may lie with their goaltending, as goalkeeper Andrew Sears is very unpredictable.
Coach’s Corner Comments:
This team has lived up to my "Challenge Cup Forecast" expectations. Holy Cross are the leagues hardest working, best conditioned and most improved team. Full credit for this turn around must go to Coach’s Corner "Coach of the Year" Paul Reddy.
Round two prediction - Holy Cross - 2nd

Tier 2
Mount Pearl:

Offensively, Patrick Fewer is progressing. He is proving to be a scoring threat but Mount Pearl’s failure to find another player with any degree of scoring ability has hurt. Actually, it’s very easy for your opponent to nullify just the one scoring threat.
Veteran Andrew Moyst still has a heavy shot but his failure to demonstrate any degree of emotion and show leadership continues to hurt this squad.
Rob Carter, Victor Dray and Carl Reddy are very inspiring. The early season injury to John Acreman has caused Coach Walt Mavin to reorganize some of his key players to perform other duties. Former Canada Games goalkeepers, John Douglas and Gerald Connolly have looked very ordinary.
Coach’s Corner Comments:
More often than not, Mount Pearl plays like a good team but they continue to struggle where it counts the most - scoring goals. The addition of three veteran players would do this team a world of good as well as change their youth-full image. This club appears that they may have been cloned. The genetic features of their players demonstrate that a number of the players appear to have the same physical features. Another peculiar thing I noticed about Mount Pearl is that while all of Mount Pearl players are good, none of them are great.
Round two predictions - Mount Pearl - 1st

Marystown United:

Offensively, Jeremy Taylor keeps proving he is a goal scorer but it is his lack of discipline that somewhat keeps over shadowing his great soccer talents. Young Justin Mayo may be very well be the top under -17 soccer player in the province.
In the midfield position, Marystown are struggling, particularly in the centre - mid position. The experiment by Coach Pickett to continue and try to make a midfielder out of striker Shannon Brushett has proven to be ridiculous. United’s other midfielder David Pickett may have the skills but he lacks the heart and soul of a winner. Dion Durdle, Graham Moulton, and Darrell Steward support a strong work ethic.
Defensively, Vince’s move to shift Jeff Warren to the centre back position has brought ability and maturity to this spot. Jeff’s tutoring of Trevor Appleby and Jason Brushett has helped them immensely while the injury to David Steward may have lasting effects. The Challenge Cup 2002 "Comeback Player of the Year" is Marystown’s goalkeeper Scott Edwards. His dedication to strive for excellence and his performance in goal has been a bright spot for Marystown. Back-up net minder N.J. Edwards is progressing satisfactorily.
Coach’s Corner Comments:
Too much controversy continues to surround this club for them to reach their full potential. Although, as a coach Vince Pickett is technically sound, far too often he seems to be surrounded by one hullabaloo or another.The lost to Corner Brook is another chapter added to their history of soccer.
Round two prediction - Marystown - 2nd

Corner Brook:

Offensively, defensively and goaltending, this group of players are an intermediate team at best. Corner Brook’s record shouldn’t even qualify them for a position in Tier 2.
Coach’s Corner Comments:
The first female coach in Newfoundland soccer Shelly-Drover Warren had a dream. Sadly for her, the dream has failed. But the unfortunate part is that her dream has turned out to be a nightmare for soccer fans and NLSA officials.
Round two prediction - Corner Brook - 3rd