The St. Lawrence Ladies League began in 1977. At the tender age or 14, "Dick" (as she was called) started at Center Back for the very first St. Lawrence Ladies team. Her first coaches were Rudy Slaney and Junior Edwards.

The Ladies won the Burin Peninsula Championship in 1977 and Dick was the awarded the TOP DEFENDER award.

In 1978 the Ladies again won the Burin Peninsula title and also a tournament in St. Pierre against ASIA and ASSP.

The St. Lawrence Ladies again repeated as Burin Peninsula Champions in 1979.

In 1980 Dick was selected as a member of the first Ladies All-Star team representing the Burin Peninsula in the Newfoundland and Labrador Summer Games. Dick got the winning goal in a Penalty Shot shoot-out against the Western Region giving the Burin Ladies the Gold Medal. The team was coached by George and Judy Cooper.

In 1981 the Ladies were coached by Sam Tobin, Dick won the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER award that year.

Dick credits her success to playing with some great players from St. Lawrence such as Louanne Turpin, Ellen Turpin, Lisa and Sonia Slaney, Winnie Tarrant and in goal, Judy Pittman.

Since there was no Provincial Soccer at this time, the game was confined to the Burin Peninsula. When one considers that there was no Minor Soccer for girls at this time, it was remarkable that Dick and her Laurentian team-mates had such great success at the Burin Peninsula Level.

When Dick started playing, she was playing with Ladies who were ten or more years older than she was, and a number of them were married and had children of their own