Wils Molloy


Playing a major role in the winning of a remarkable 37 soccer championships it was no surprise that Wils Molloy was elected to the St. Lawrence Hall Of Fame, the Burin Peninsula Hall Of Fame, the Newfoundland Soccer Hall of Fame and the Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Hall of Fame. All of these inductions took place in 1989.

The St. Lawrence native showed enough skill and ability to play for the prestigious senior Laurentians at the age of 18 and was good enough to gain a berth on Canada's Olympic team for a 1972 qualifying round game against Mexico.

His record includes five Eastern Canadian, nine provincial first division, 19 Burin Peninsula first division and four provincial masters championship teams. Wils Molloy was an important factor in all 37 titles, playing with and against the finest soccer players of his time.

Blessed with great talent, he was selected for numerous Burin Peninsula and provincial all-star clubs for exhibitions against British and other visiting teams and he earned many individual awards.

He earned a reputation as a great goal scorer and as a player who combined sportsmanship with his exceptional ability. He was always a credit to his sport, his community, his province and especially to himself.

He participated in five National Finals and was respected and regarded by opponents as the most outstanding player in Newfoundland.

His name has not only become a household soccer name in Newfoundland, but all across Canada. All soccer centres know and admire the talent of Wils Molloy.

His prolific scoring ability and leadership was only eclipsed by his fantastic sportsmanship, because in victory or defeat, Wils Molloy was always the quiet gentleman.

Wils Molloy is a living legend in Newfoundland soccer. In minor soccer circles, Wils is the "Wayne Gretzky Image" they all have.

He is considered by many to be the best soccer player this province has produced, a fact which would be hard to argue.

In addition to his soccer accomplishments, he excelled in basketball, curling, ice hockey, softball and floor hockey.

But it was for the manner in which he played exceptional soccer that Wils Molloy was inducted into the various Halls Of Fame.