Players in the "Who's Hot" category are soccer players that have excelled to date at their position and they are in the early running for their clubs MVP honour in 2003.

Players in the "Who's Not" category are soccer players whose expectations are a lot greater than what their performances has been in 2003.

Who's Hot? Clinton Edwards - St. Lawrence Laurentians
Early showings indicate that this 21 year old Laurentian is ready and quite capable to take over the sweeper position. Clinton has great speed, good vision and the potential to be a long time All-Star. The Laurentians sweeper is off to a great start.
Who's Not? Richard Kelly - Rudy Norman - St. Lawrence Laurentians
Both of the Laurentians strikers, who have been former league MVP's and former All-Stars, are struggling in 2003. Richard and Rudy have shown in the past that they possess the tools to be great soccer players. First of all, Richard and Rudy must feed off their team mates ability and realize, that in order to win, they should revert back to a team concept.
After the Laurentians first seven games in 2003, Richard and Rudy have accounted for just two goals, one each. This is certainly a very mediocre performance from these two individuals.

Who's Hot? Alec Turpin - Mount Pearl
The greatest acquisition by any Challenge Cup team this summer goes to Mount Pearl. In acquiring Alec Turpin, Mount Pearl has gained leadership, experience and ability for a club which otherwise has shown  potential for years. So far this year I would rank Alec as the leagues most effective striker and it may very well be the Labour Day weekend tournament before Alec's real value to Mount Pearl is realized.
Who's Not? David Manning- Mount Pearl
I understand this young man is quite the hockey player. His bulky frame may work for him in the sport of hockey but I feel his muscular build hinders his speed and mobility while trying to play the sport of soccer.

Who's Hot? Darrell & David Stewart - Marystown
After watching these two young men play for Marystown for the last number of years,
I realized that both of them have great soccer ability. To be quite honest with you, I still can't tell these twins apart, but I feel both of them are firmly coming into their own. During the first few games of the season, when things looked rather bleak for Marystown, both of the Stewart boys showed up, giving a very strong effort. Lately, with the return of Scott and Craig Edwards, the Stewart's are looking great.
Who's Not? Jeremy Taylor - Marystown
I would have to think that Jeremy, who still has a very strong instinct for the game, might very well be the best striker to ever play soccer for Marystown. But due to his lack of physical conditioning in 2003, we are only seeing a very light shadow of Jeremy's real soccer ability. Jeremy's lack of conditioning has taken away his speed.

Who's Hot? Mike Wall - Corner Brook
I'm sure a number of fans are asking, "Who's Mike Wall?" Mike Wall is Corner Brook's goal scoring striker. Mike comes from the Codroy Valley and is a long time soccer player that mostly concentrated on playing intermediate soccer during his career. Mike's definitely got speed, ability, and his 5 goals early into the season can attest that he can put the ball in the net.
Who's Not? Corner Brook's Road Team
Corner Brook's team that they carry on their road trips has been pathetic. Thus far this season, they have allowed 15 goals in just four road games. The situation, which keeps continuing  year after year shows Corner Brook keeps getting all their points at home, while they constantly lose their away games. To me, this situation is nothing more than a joke! Basically, a number of players can't afford to lose work to go to Corner Brook for a first round meaningless game, and a number of Corner Brook players can't travel to the Burin or Avalon Peninsula for their road games.  This situation needs to be addressed but I guess one's got to ask, "How many officials from the NLSA realize this situation and more importantly, who from the NLSA is ever going to address it?"

Who's Hot? Shane Antle - Holy Cross
Although the Holy Cross team is struggling, one bright spot I've noticed is Shane Antle. Shane's leadership ability and dedication to the sport makes it very apparent why he has developed into the top centre mid-fielder playing in provincial Challenge Cup in 2003.
Who's Not? Chad Parsons - Holy Cross
Chad's rough style of play really began to surface in 2002. Here in 2003,Chad is doing himself more harm than good. Chad's style of play has become a danger by causing injuries to himself, his team-mates and to his opponents. No doubt Chad has to use his strength and power to be most effective but he also must realize for him to be useful he must concentrate and improve upon the basic fundamentals.

Who's Hot? Matthew Prim - Fieldians
Matthew is presently the leagues top goalie. After proving in 2002 that he has the best hands in the province, he again in 2003 is giving his team the opportunity to steal a victory.
Who's Not? P.J.Power - Fieldians
P. J. Power & Gus Richards have agreed to be player - coaches for the Fieldians in 2003.
It is generally agreed that a coach is the leader of his team. Should this be the case, what I've witnessed when I saw P. J. Power, he may have to bench himself. P.J. is certainly lacking in any form of physical conditioning.

Dunphy's Details: Keith Farrell, former St. Laurence Laurentians 1970's all-star captain and a physical education teacher for the past 30 years, has officially retired from St. Lawrence Academy.  Keith's record of achievement announced at his retirement celebration stated that he coached various sports at St. Lawrence Central High to a record number of 29 banners. For my money, I feel Keith is the greatest Laurentian ever to combine character, athleticism and leadership to wear the Laurentians 'C'.

Gord Dunphy is a former 1990's Challenge Cup all - star coach of the St. Lawrence Laurentians and National Bronze Medallist. He can be reached by e-mail at gorddunphy@email.com or www.coaches-corner.net