Wayde Rowsell

When Wayde came to St. Lawrence some thirty years ago, he knew absolutely nothing about the game of soccer. His first goal was to find himself a wife and his second was to learn about this game they called soccer. Well, his first goal was accomplished quickly when he met and married the prettiest girl in Lord’s Cove, Carmelita. His second goal has been a learning experience ever since.

Even before becoming a member of the St. Lawrence Town Council, Wayde was an avid supporter of his beloved Laurentians. He, like the rest of the loyal Laurentian fans, would follow the team to St. John’s in their quest for soccer supremacy in Newfoundland and Labrador. No one in the Town of St. Lawrence ever doubted the support and loyalty of Wayde towards the Laurentian soccer team.

When Wayde became Mayor of St. Lawrence he stood very tall in his leadership making sure that no stone was left unturned to ensure the success of the St. Lawrence soccer team and indeed the St. Lawrence Soccer Association. Wayde even went to several National tournaments where he quite proudly gave greetings on behalf of the people of St. Lawrence. Whenever St. Lawrence won a championship, Wayde was always one of the first to run out on the field to congratulate the players on such a tremendous effort in proving once again that they were the best team.

As the Mayor of St. Lawrence, Wayde sometimes had to deal with many issues regarding the St. Lawrence Soccer Association. Never once did he give up on any matter that came before him in the Council Chambers of St. Lawrence. Even when it appeared as if the situation looked grime and desperate, Wayde would somehow pull a rabbit out of the hat, convince his fellow councilors of his idea and voila, the problems were solved to the satisfaction of the team, the Association, the Council, and indeed the townspeople of St. Lawrence.

Wayde Rowsell will go down in the history of St. Lawrence as one of the hardest working Mayors since incorporation in 1949. All the soccer players, administrators, and fans will also fondly remember him as the most visible Mayor at soccer functions in St. Lawrence, Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland, and some parts of Canada. He was forever present at Annual Soccer Banquets giving greetings from the Town, even sometimes foregoing other commitments to make sure he was among his fellow Laurentians celebrating with them regardless if we had a winning year or a losing year.

The St. Lawrence Soccer Association’s “WALL OF HONOUR” is a prestigious, distinctive award that is reserved for those who were not players, builders, or officials but for those who gave tirelessly as fans and supporters, without whom, the success of the St. Lawrence Laurentians soccer team would not have been possible. Today we welcome a very distinguished gentleman and a loyal, dedicated, and devoted Laurentian into the St. Lawrence Laurentians “WALL OF HONOUR”, his worship, Mayor Wayde Rowsell.