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Warren was born at Iron Springs, St Lawrence in 1945. He, like all children in St. Lawrence, played meadow soccer. Warrens, however, was at the Herring Cove pitch under the watchful eye of Johnny B. Warren attended St. Mathews Anglican School and later went on to Burn District Vocation School obtaining a diploma as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. He went on into the workforce spending four years with Aylwards Limited and twenty one years with the St.Lawrence Town Council as a Recreational Director at the St. Lawrence Recreation Centre.

For the last twenty years, Warren has been involved with the game of soccer in a capacitg that no one ever seems to want. He has served on the Executive of the Soccer Association as its Treasurer for many of these years. It certainlg is no easy task but it is to his credit that when RED shows up on the ledger that it makes Warren so mad that in no time flat the ledger quicklg turns to BLACK. As Treasurer he has masterminded a number of very successful fundraisers and has been a real Drgsdale in the handling of the many Challenge Cup Games played on the St. Lawrence Soccer Pitch. Warren has, on more than one occassion, served as the field manager because without his mowing of the field and the painting of the lines the job may not have been done so expertly. He has always been extra cautious to ensure that the pitch has been in tip-top shape for all Challenge Cup Finals.

A players worth to an Association can easily be measured by his performance on the field of play but the contribution Warren has made over the last twenty years to the success of the St. Lawrence Laurentians is more difficult to measure but would there be a team if the purse strings were not managed properly? His worth, devotion, and dedication to the St. Lawrence Soccer Association is measured with his induction into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame.