Theo Etchegary


Active participation in St. Lawrence A.A.A. in various capacities from 1934 to 1956. 1934 to 1946 - Member of The Laurentians Senior teams 1939 to 1956 - President of St. Lawrence A.A.A 1946 to 1955 - Coach of The Laurentians

The most successful effort during those latter years was the development of Junior Players which started through a program of exchange worked out with Brother Moore of Holy Cross and which helped prepare the players who later saw soccer action in the Eastern and All-Canada finals, which brought great honour to the town of St. Lawrence and a sense of pride and achievement to all who participated.

Those years give the wonderful memories of the finest young athletes who as a team through discipline and some sacrifice, gave even beyond their best in competition. The experience they have given through competition in sports will help form the traits in character to assure success to their lives.