Roy Slaney

As a very young boy in the 1940's, "THE HOG" got baptized with two little boys kicking a soccer ball around that amazed the others playing there.

Of course they were the Slaney twins, Roy and Theo. As they got older, Roy was always one of the first to be picked for a team. He dazzled everyone because he was very small in structure but had great speed and a very deceptive shot.

Coming from a soccer family, Roy followed in the footsteps of his father, Rene and his older brothers Herb, Loyola, Adrian and Fabian. How could you not learn to play the game when you were influenced by such soccer greats.

In the mid-1950's Roy played with the "LIONS and TIGERS", a league that was sponsored by the St. Lawrence Lions Club. At this level he displayed a very strong skill level plus the talent to put the ball into the net. The Sr. Laurentians would use players from the Lions and Tigers to join in their games. Back then a team was comprised of 11 players only.

When the Junior League was introduced by the BPSA, Roy was still a very young man and just missed the age requirements to play. But that didn't stop him from playing he then moved up to the Senior Laurentians.

As an Inside Right forward, he played alongside Reg Farrell, Joe Haskell, and Leo Slaney. Although Reg usually scored the most goals, Roy certainly got his share of goals as well. Maybe Roy’s biggest and greatest goal came in in Grand Bank when the Laurentians and the Gee Bees fought it out in a war like contest and Roy scored the only goal in a 1-0 St. Lawrence victory. When the Laurentians arrived back in St. Lawrence that night, Roy was the hero and the toast of the town. His goal in that game, was talked about for the rest of the summer.

Roy was a great team player who could have scored more goals in his career if he hadn't passed the ball off to his other forwards when he could have scored himself. A very unselfish player who influenced many other younger boys to do the same and put the team's achievements ahead of his own.

Earlier this week I question Norm Kelly about Roy and the story relayed to me goes like this, “Ya, I remember Roy when I played under Jack Lundrigan and I went to a game Jack read out the line up and had put Roy into the line up in my place, so I asked Jack, why have you done that, Jack said, Norn, my son Roy is better than you are. So Norm then went on to tell me, he then left the field and sat down crying for 4 hours”.

Roy played his career with a lot of Dedication", and his skill and finesse were that of a Most Gentlemanly and Effective Player".

Even though Roy career wasn't a long one due to an injury he sustained to his ankle, he certainly gave it "his all", when he did play.

Roy joins his father, his brothers mentioned previously, and his other brother, Ray, into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame.

The St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame welcomes Roy Slaney.

Roy was nominated by both Len Slaney and Leo Slaney