Ray Slaney


Ray was born at St. Lawrence in 1945. Since Ray came from a soccer family, his playing the game started very early in life. The Hog which was located adjacent to his house became his own personal soccer pitch. Even when no one else was there to play with, Ray would stick around dribbling the ball around rocks that he had placed in certain positions. Because of his speed, Ray was always one of the first players selected. He could run faster with the ball than anyone else.

Ray played competitively with a number of divisions in St. Lawrence. He played with the Lions and Tigers as an underage player as he quite often went to the games with brothers Roy and Theo. Whenever a team was short a player Ray was always asked to fill in. He played on the St Augustine's High school team who played against and won a number of series against Brother Rice Celtics. He was on the 1963 Junior team that won the All-Nfld Championship. Ray went on to play with the Senior Laurentians winning a number of Burin Peninsula Championships and two All- Nfld Championships. His greatest achievement was being a part of the team who won the Atlantic title in 1967 and going to Toronto to take part in the Canadian Challenge Cup.

In the history of the game in St. Lawrence few could boast of the speed Ray had . He quite often played on right wing and when the ball was passed to him at some distance ahead there was no question of who would get to it first and cross a perfect pass to uncoming forwards.

Ray graduated from Burin District Vocational School with diplomas in Welding and Millwright. He spent his working life with Alcan, Fisheries Products, and Minworth.

Ray died on September 10, 1991 leaving a void on the St. Lawrence soccer scene and a great loss to his wife Marg and their three children - Kim, Laurie and Danielle.

Ray joined his father, Rene, father-in-law, Bernie and his brothers Herb, Loyola, Fabian, and Adrian into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame.