Ray Molloy

Ray spent most of his early years learning how to play soccer on the Riverhead meadow. He was a big boy and quite often played with the bigger guys and certainly never backed down from any of them.

He had a great minor soccer career with a perfect winning record for Provincial peewee and bantam titles. He was a versatile player who could play up front or on the back line. He helped his high school win a provincial soccer title as well.

In 1973 Ray was selected as a member of the Newfoundland Canada Games team where he learned how to play both as a striker and a defender.

When he graduated to the St. Lawrence Laurentians in the 1973 season, Coach Attila Balint recognized a talented player who could play in a number of positions. When the opposing backs started pushing around our smaller strikers, Ray would be called upon to play up front to make the other teams fullbacks more honest. More often than enough Ray would score a big goal to help his Laurentians win another one.

Likewise when the opposition was pressing Ray would help form a concrete wall making it almost impossible for opposing strikers to get a good scoring chance. Ray was so strong he quite often played the role of enforcer. He never went looking for trouble but if any of his teammates were being pushed around you could rest assured that Ray would come running in to the rescue.

Quite often other coaches were quoted as saying that Ray Molloy was one of the laurentians Most Valuable Player. He was the type of player that every team needed. He won a number of awards during his career including Most Valuable, Most Improved and Most Dedicated.

His dogged determination helped his fellow Laurentians to many Provincial titles and some excellent showings at National Challenge Cup tournaments.

The St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame welcomes Ray Molloy.