Pauline Slaney

Mrs. Pauline Slaney is a life-long supporter of soccer in St. Lawrence. She has spent a great deal of her life supporting soccer in this town. Now a senior citizen, she continues to enjoy the game. She watches all the home games and travels around to watch the Minor, Masters, and First Division Games. She has supported soccer all her life as a great fan.

Mrs. Slaney's late husband, Alonzo, who passed away in 1995 always attended games and enjoyed the game of soccer. After Alonzo's death, Pauline felt it would be fitting to remember him by dedicating an award in the Minor program in his memory and she continues to sponsor this award every year.

Pauline has a long history with soccer in St. Lawrence. She has watched her own father, Leo Loder and her Uncle Richard Loder in the 1930's and 40's as they competed in the game. She has supported her own brothers - Bud Loder, Leo Loder , Jim Loder and Ted Loder as they fought for the fame in the 1970's,80's and 90's. She has always supported her own children on the field, Joe, Dessie, Leo, Rich, Cathy and Lil and did whatever she could to get them to games including slipping them a few dollars when traveling out of town.

Now, in her Senior Years, she still attends the games to watch her grandchildren, Richard Kelly, Lucas Slaney, Paula Marie Kelly, and Megan Slaney when they are competing. She still enjoys every game of soccer in spite of who wins or looses. She also has many nieces and nephews involved in the sport and is extremely proud of their accomplishments, such as Ashley Loder, Julie Loder, Jamie Loder, Jacinta Loder, Ryan Slaney, Adam Loder, Scott Bishop and Jessica Bishop.

Mrs. Pauline Slaney has always been a great supporter of soccer in St. Lawrence. Her enjoyment of the game and her commitment to Soccer has spanned over 70 years, through great times, rough times, and wins and losses. There have been many celebrations and many, many great moments of victory. Pauline continues to enjoy the game of Soccer, enjoys the competition and has always been proud of the St. Lawrence Laurentians.

The St. Lawrence Soccer Association is very proud to welcome their newest member into the St. Lawrence Soccer "Wall of Honour" ------- Mrs. Pauline Slaney.