Norm Kelly


In every sport, there is always one player who seems to stand out above the rest during a particular decade. There is no question to the people of St. Lawrence, the Burin Peninsula and indeed all Newfoundland that "Norm Kelly" was the most outstanding soccer star of the 1960's.

Norm Kelly began playing soccer in 1955 and was a member of the Laurentian team that won six Burin Peninsula and four All-Newfoundland Soccer Championships. He was named MVP of the Laurentians four times, Burin Peninsula MVP two time and All-Newfoundland MVP twice. He was a member of the first Newfoundland Soccer team to participate in Challenge Cup in 1966 when the Laurentians defeated the Sydney Ramblers of Nova Scotia. The greatest experience of his soccer career was in 1966 when he travelled to Toronto for his first game outside the Province, and played the Toronto Ballymen in a night game under the lights where the Laurentians lost 3-2. He scored one of the Laurentians goals.

Not only to the people of St. Lawrence, and the Burin Peninsula but indeed to all of the Newfoundland Norm Kelly is a soccer legend.

Norm was inducted into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame in 1982 and the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame in 1989 and the Newfoundland Soccer Hall of Fame in 1989.