Mike Reddy

Mike Reddy moved to St. Lawrence in the mid 1970's. Coming from the Southern Shore, where hockey was the main sport, Mike observed from a distance the cult-like behaviour of the Laurentian soccer players and fans. He was so inspired by their enthusiasm that he felt he had to get involved in this soccer frenzy.

After helping out with a number of fund raising activities, Mike decided to seek office with the St. Lawrence Soccer Association, becoming President in 1979. Although the great 70's decade was coming to an end Mike knew that the talent was still very rich in St. Lawrence. He was President in 1980 and 1982 when the Laurentians won two more Challenge Cups. During his tenure, they also won the Premier's Cup on two occasions.

Mike and his executive members knew that the talent was running thin in the 1980's and as a result started emphasizing minor soccer development. The rest is history as that effort led to seven Challenge Cups for the Laurentians in the 90's decade.

One of Mike's legacies during his term of office was the establishment of a St. Lawrence Laurentians flag. This had been talked about for many years and it's to Mike credit that it became a reality. Mike was also responsible for convincing Coca-Cola to donate uniforms for every minor and senior team in St. Lawrence.

From a fundraising viewpoint, Mike, as manager of the Marystown Mall decided to place a Lotto booth in the Mall for the St. Lawrence Laurentians. He also put one in Clarenville. This fundraiser brought in a brand new $1,000 bill each week to the St. Lawrence Soccer Association.

This certainly made Warren Pike's role as Treasurer an easy one.

Mike spent 10 years on the executive of the St. Lawrence Soccer Association and certainly deserves to be a member of the St Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame.