Lisa (Slaney) Loder

Lisa Loder comes from a family that is considered to be the number one soccer family in St. Lawrence. As a result of growing up in this soccer family and having a soccer pitch in your own back yard “The Hog”, it was easy to see why Lisa turned to this game for her enjoyment.

When the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association started the first Ladies League in 1977, it was exactly what Lisa was hoping for. Junior Edwards and Lisa's brother, Rudy became the first coaches. The St. Lawrence Ladies won the Burin Peninsula Championship in 1977 and again in 1978. Lisa's skill and ability to distribute the ball well certainly played a big roll in those championships. Although she scored a fair number of goals herself, her passes generally went to Louanne Turpin who made no mistake in putting the ball in the net. In 1978 Lisa was a member of the team that won an invitational tournament in St. Pierre against ASSP and ASIA. This provided an opportunity for Lisa's Mom's family to see her play. Her Uncle Frank Cusick was a great senior player with the powerful ASSP team.

Lisa played with some great Laurentian players such as her sister, Sonia, Myra (Dick) Turpin, Ellen Turpin, Ruby Slaney Winnie Tarrant, Judy Tobin and of course Louanne Turpin. Not only were these girls great soccer players but they were great athletes in Volleyball and Basketball as well. It didn't matter what the sport they were always together as a team.

During her soccer career Lisa won a number of awards such as Most Ladylike and Most Valuable player. There's no doubt that Lisa would have had a long career in soccer if the interest on the Burin Peninsula had been the same as it was in St. Lawrence. Sam Tobin, a St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Famer, was her last coach and he was certainly glad to have her on the team for her leadership ability.

Lisa joins her father, Herb, brother, Rudy, grandfather, Rennie, uncles, Loyola, Fabian, Adrian, Ray and Roy, and husband, Jim into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame and what makes this so special is her brother, Roger is being inducted tonight along with her.