Leonard (Len) Slaney

For 38 years, Len Slaney has been a very positive force for soccer at the local level, the provincial level and at times the national level. His very beneficial service to the sport has been a major factor in soccer's expansion and improvement as he contributes by his actions as well as his example. There is nobody more respected in soccer than Slaney and his fine reputation is built on continuous years of "hands-on" service.

His career as a volunteer executive is almost unbelievable and overflows with important contributions of all levels of soccer operations. He has served on the St. Lawrence soccer executive for 28 years, has been working for Burin Peninsula soccer for 20 years and filled executive positions for provincial soccer for 15 years. In every position, Slaney was a worker who achieved success because of his unlimited energy, his undying determination and impressive expertise in all aspects of the position. He simply got the job done.

As a coach he guided 16 teams that won provincial titles and in 1967 a provincial all-star team he guided finished with a 3-1 record in Montreal. While an early injury in 1967 prevented him from a long playing career he was a member of school, junior and senior St. Lawrence squads and the first Memorial University varsity club in 1967. He played for one St. Lawrence provincial championship squad.

Slaney has been inducted into the St. Lawrence and Burin Peninsula Soccer Halls of Fame and was 1999 executive of the year for the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association.

He was voted 1999's provincial sports Executive Of The Year and was inducted into the Newfoundland Soccer Hall of Fame in 2000.