Leo Loder

Like most children who grew up “down-the-harbour”, Leo learned how to play soccer on Farrell's meadow. He was a big boy and quite often he would play with the older ones. He never backed down from any of them and that trait followed him through minor and on to senior soccer.

In St. Lawrence meadow soccer, the tradition was to appoint two boys who would then select their teams one after another. Leo was generally one of the first to be picked and because of his knowledge and natural skills he then, in turn, influenced who else was picked on his team.

Leo was always one of the stronger players in minor soccer. He possessed great skill in the air and many of his goals were scored from corner kicks. Not all of them, however, since Leo also had a powerful shot which gave many goaltenders fits.

During his early run with St. Lawrence Laurentians from 1980 to 1985, Leo played on four (4) Burin Peninsula Championship teams; two (2) All- Newfoundland teams; two (2) Premier's Cups; and went on to the National Challenge Cup with his Laurentians in 1982. Leo made a comeback with the Laurentians in the latter 1980's and early 1990's with his nephew, Scott Bishop and Harry Kelly, among others. Leo was a very versatile player who was used by various coaches at the center back position or up striker. His physical presence instilled fear in the minds of the opposition and quite often Leo had his own way with them. Leo, not only used his strength on the field of play but also his intelligence. He had a knack for reading the play of the opposing teams and alerted his fellow players as to how to counteract their strategies.

In the Premier Cup that was played in St. Pierre, his Laurentians were in a very tough game against ASIA. Leo scored the tying goal in that game which he considers to be one of his greatest goals of the many he scored in his career. The Laurentians went on to win the game when Leo's teammate, Clyde Miller scored the winning goal.

In the beginning of his career with the 1st Division team, Leo received the Most Improved Player Award. Later when he became a veteran player and a leader on the Laurentians he received the Most Valuable Player Award.

Leo joins his father, Leo Sr. and his brother Jim into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame.