Leo's playing career spanned a length of 35 years. He started playing on Walsh's Meadow located just up from his house. From there he played for St. Augustine's High School and then on to Senior ball with the Laurentians. Leo played periodically with the Senior Laurentians and the 2nd Division team of St. Lawrence. In 1971 He was a member of the Senior Laurentians who won the Burin Peninsula, the All-Newfoundland and the Atlantic Championships.

Due to his dedication and hard work he was always called upon by coaches like Jack Lundrigan, Alonzo Walsh, and Jack Simms to step in and do a first rate job filling in for injured players. That devotion to the game was responsible for Leo receiving a number of awards such as Most Dedicated Player and Most Valuable Player on a number of ocassions in 2nd Division.

After ending his playing days at the Senior level, Leo turned his attention to playing with the St. Lawrence Masters. Again his determination and positive attitude to winning certainly played a major role in the 10 Provincial Masters Championships he was a part of.

Leo's contribution to all teams at the Senior level is to be commended.

Leo's son Randy is a member of the 1st Division Senior Laurentians and Memorial University of Newfoundland Sea Hawks.