Kevin Pittman

Kevinís history as a soccer official is legendary in the province. He has officiated at every level in the country and continues on the provincial level as an official, instructor and assessor and on the national level as both an instructor and assessor. In fact, Kevin has officiated over 1700 games to-date and has a record of every one!

On the provincial level, Kevin officiated his first game between the Lab City Laurentians and the All Blacks in 1982. From here his career as an official began. He has officiated in 61 Provincial Championships and 5 Newfoundland and Labrador Summer Games. He has also spent more than 20 years officiating at all levels on the Burin Peninsula along with regional and provincial Challenge Cup.

In 1989 Kevin was named as an official for the National Challenge Cup Tournament in St. Johnís and was named as a linesman for the final between Holy Cross and Ontario. He was named as a Nominated National Referee by the Newfoundland Soccer Association in 1990. From this point on his career on the National scene continued to flourish until his retirement as a National Referee in 1999. He was appointed by the CSA to 12 National Championships and has the distinction of being named to officiate in the final of all 12 of them.

Kevin became a National Assessor in 2000. As such, he was named a CSA assessor at various tournaments from 2000 to 2002. In 2003 he was named as a Nominated National Instructor by the CSA. Just this Fall of 2006, he was appointed as a National Assessor at the U-16 Club Championships.

Kevin has also performed as an official on the international level. In 1998 he refereed the international friendly between Newton Rangers and St. Lawrence Laurentians. In 2005 and 2006 he was appointed CSA assessor for the international friendlies (U-17 Canada-Germany and Womenís Canada-China) held in St. Johnís.

Kevin not only officiated soccer, he also played in the minor program in Marystown but really found the sport when he moved to St. Lawrence to teach. Recruited as a Masterís player because of his fitness as a runner, he played midfield until an injury to the St. Lawrence goalie forced him to become a goaltender. He played in goal for a total of 11 years. After losing the Burin Peninsula Championship to Grand Bank in the first year, he was a member of 10 straight provincial masterís championship teams.

As a builder, Kevin served as Director of Referees with the St. Lawrence Soccer Association, the BPSA, and the NLSA. In 2003 he became the NLSAís Vice President Senior Men and since then has been responsible for Challenge Cup, Senior Intermediate and Masters. In June 2006, Kevin became President of the BPSA.

Kevin is nominated as an official by Jim Loder.