Although Jim was born in St. Lawrence he did not play minor ball here. He moved at a young age to Schefferville, Quebec to live with his sister. His minor soccer was played in "La Belle Province". When he got old enough he played in the local league with a team called Laurentians which included Gus Tarrant, Charlie Banfield, Clyde Pike, his brother Dan Loder, and his uncle whom he lived with, Norbert Strang.

However, it wasn't until Jim attended Memorial University of Newfoundland that he really started taking the game seriously. He worked hard and was coached well perfecting the finer points of the game. He developed into a star player with the MUN varsity team over his four years with them. His impressive play also saw him being selected to the 1973 Canada Summer Games Team.

The natural progression was falling into place for Jim and upon graduation from NUN with a Physical Education degree, he joined the powerful Senior Laurentlmns. He always knew he would find his way back to his roots in St. Lawrence.

The soccer dynastg was already in motion when Jim won a starting position with the Senior Laurentlans in 1973. From that time to his retirement in the mid 1980's as a Senior player, Jim's role in nine All-Newfoundland Championships, two Atlantic Provinces Championships, one Eastern Canadian Championship, and four National Challenge Cup Finalists, was so instrumental that without him these previously mentioned acolades would not have become a reality.

Jim has received many awards as a Senior player such as Most Valuable Player, Most Dedicated Player, and Most Gentlemanly and Effective. If one were to characterize Jim's play on the field one would have to say, "He gave his all".

As a tribute to his dedication to the game, whenever the Senior Laurentians needed players in the latter 1980's and 1990's, Jim was alwags one to be called upon to fill in - a testament to the fitness he continues to this very day.

Upon retiring as an active Senior player, Jim continues to play with the Masters team winning eleven provincial championships. He has served on the St. Lawrence Soccer Association and the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association since retiring as well. He has also refereed locally, regionally, and provincially. He has coached a number of teams, the most recent being the Newfoundland Under-19's to the National Finals in Montreal.

A member of the Team of the Decade for the 1970's, James (Jim) Loder joins his father, Leo Loder, who is also a member of the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame.