Jack Simms

Jack Simms owns a soccer coaching record that is equal to any within Newfoundland and Labrador. A keen student of the game, with an excellent rapport with players, he provided exceptional leadership to St. Lawrence teams between 1970 and 1985 and his expertise was recognized with his appointment to coach several other elite clubs.

A native of Grand Bank, Simms was a recreational player in his younger days and during five years in the Canadian Navy, but upon obtaining employment in St. Lawrence he naturally became deeply involved in soccer and started a most rewarding coaching career. His willingness to attend clinics and to learn from experts like Alan Ross allowed him to greatly improve his own understanding of soccer.

It was this understanding and a keen ability to learn that supported Simms in his rewarding coaching career. He developed an impressive knowledge of soccer systems, was able to deal in a comfortable manner with individual players and to direct collectively some of the best players within Newfoundland and Labrador during his coaching era.

His ability to get the very best out of the elite players who comprised the St. Lawrence teams was a major factor in the successes that the team enjoyed. Keeping players within a structure that required discipline while encouraging their individual resourcefulness was a necessary factor of Simmsí success.

Under his tutelage St. Lawrence dominated local and provincial soccer with nine championships. Four appearances in national Challenge Cup finals, two Atlantic titles, an Eastern Canadian championship and a designation of team of the decade for the 1970ís are part of his accomplishments.

In addition, he helped coach the 1974 provincial under-18 all-stars who won the Canadian title, was a member of the coaching staff for the 1973 Canada Summer Games club and coached two age-group teams in national play.

Locally, he was a driving force behind a minor soccer program that assisted greatly the skills of young players between 1979 and 1985 with several winning skill competitions on the Mainland. His overall efforts were extremely beneficial to minor soccer in St. Lawrence.

Jack Simms was simply an excellent coach who led an excellent group of players to excellent results.

He was inducted into the Burin Peninsula(2000) and St. Lawrence (1995) Soccer Halls of Fame.