Hubert Beck

After being advised by the doctors not to play soccer because of an asthmatic condition, Hubert Beck, as a young boy, went against their advice and started playing soccer in Farrellís meadow.

From the beginning, Hubert followed in the footsteps of his older brothers Alvin and Bob, as he wanted to become a goalie.

As his love for the game grew, Hubert started playing organized minor soccer and he kept developing his skills right through the local and high school level.

During Hubertís minor career, he worked hard and his success showed. Hubert was a member of five Newfoundland minor select teams that participated in National competition including the Newfoundland U16 Team and the Newfoundland Canada Summer Games Team in 1980. He also participated in five more National competitions as a member of the St. Lawrence Laurentians.

Hubert was a member of 12 All-Newfoundland Provincial Championship teams, including 5 Challenge Cups and 2 Premier Cups

After Hubertís playing days were completed, he coached the St. Lawrence Masters and has managed the Laurentians at a First Division Level. He also served on the St. Lawrence Soccer Association, serving one term as president of the association.

The St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame welcomes Hubert Beck.

Hubert was nominated by his wife Elaine, daughters , Kera & Lisa.