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Howard Farrell was born in St. Lawrence in 1906. He began playing organized soccer for the Laurentians in the early 1920's. He represented his town from 1922 to 1934. During his playing years, he captained the Laurentians for five years, from his left half playing position.

Howard played against teams from the Burin Peninsula and St. Pierre. He was an aggressive, determined and consistent player who always gave 100% effort. He was an excellent team player who concentrated on team play rather than individual recognition. His style of play was often an inspiration to his fellow players. His sportsmanship on the soccer field and his humanitarism off the field resulted in the establishment of many lasting friendships, especially in St. Pierre.

After his playing days, Howard was instrumental in organizing minor football games between St. Lawrence and Lawn. He coached minor teams in St. Lawrence and frequently transported his minor or junior teams to Lawn for competition.

During the 40's, 50's, 60's and early 70's, Howard was an avid fan who often offered his constructive criticism to players of those eras. In 1979, he was inducted into the St. Lawrence Hall of Fame.

He was instrumental in teaching soccer to several of his nephews, who later played in the 60's, 70' and 80's for his beloved "Laurentians".