Gus Etchegary

Gus Etchegary

For the important and lasting contributions that he made to a wide variety of soccer organizations and the long and outstanding service that he provided for soccer at all levels of competition, Gus Etchegary was inducted into the St. Lawrence Hall Of Fame(1977), the Burin Peninsula Hall Of Fame (1986), Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Hall Of Fame (1980) and the Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Hall of Fame (1975).

Gus Etchegary started his contribution to soccer while living in St. Lawrence. He made many contributions to the Burin Peninsula Athletic Association and served as St. John's soccer president during a time when the sport was facing major problems in the City.

In fact, he is credited with saving soccer as a major St. John's sport.

A very large number of the important and worthwhile programs that soccer has enjoyed and a great deal of the sport's growth and improvement are the direct result of the manner in which Gus Etchegary filled the position of provincial president from 1966 to 1971.

The Canadian Soccer Association recognized his ability and expertise and he was the first Newfoundlander to be elected a national soccer vice-president.

The respect and high regard that he earned had Gus Etchegary elected and appointed to many other prominent sports organizations and committees.

Born in St. Lawrence in 1924, he began his playing career in 1945 and continued as an all-star fullback for a variety of top level clubs until 1959. A demonstration of his overall athletic ability was shown when he was good enough to play softball with U.S. personnel at the Argentia Naval Station.