Frank Tobin


Frank was born at St. Lawrence in 1943. As a young boy, he was always seen in his yard with a soccer ball. From the yard, Frank, like many other boys in the neighbourhood, progressed to the Hog, a meadow that was used as a soccer pitch. He continued his development by moving on to the Lions Club sponsored teams called the Lions and the Tigers. In 1959, Frank joined the Junior Laurentians who went on to win the Burin Peninsula Championship. In 1960, the Junior Laurentians, with Frank at his usual full-back position, won both the Burin Peninsula and the Provincial Championship. As a 15 year old, Frank got his first taste of Senior ball and for the rest of his career, he was the most feared soccer player in the full-back position. Since his partner, Cyril Quirke, was inclined to rush up the field on the offensive, Frank was noted as the stay-at- home full-back. Soccer enthusiasts still speak in awe of Frank of how Frank and Cyril always knew what the others was doing. At the senior level, Frank was on the Laurentian teams that won the Burin Peninsula titles in 1961, 1965-68, and won Provincial titles in 1966-68 and an Atlantic title in 1967. Frank won quite a number of individual awards such as Best Full-Back, Most Dedicated and Most Valuable Player.

Frank’s greatest opponents on the field were from Grand Bank. He loved playing against these players, making sure that he gave them a poke every chance he got. As much as they hated one another on the field, you wouldn’t find better friends off the field. That so-called hate was really a mutual respect for the individual talents of each other.

Frank played at a time when there were only two men on defence. It was known as the old 5-3-2 system. Frank was a master at stopping players like “Bucky” Warren and “Red” Fizzard.

Frank and goaltender Bob Slaney were always the very best of friends. If Bob was going for a shut-out and the score was 4 or 5 to nothing, the rest of the team knew that Bob wouldn’t get his shut-out because Frank would, as it appears, accidentally score on Bob. This used to get Bob’s dander up but all Frank would do was laugh at him, which made Bob even madder.

Frank was inducted into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame in 1986. He presently lives in British Columbia.