Father Thorne was born in Torbay, Newfoundland. When he decided to enter the Priesthood, he didnt know a thing about the grand old game of soccer. However, as luck would have it, his seminary studies took him to Ireland, which was a hot bed for soccer Since everyone kicked a football around in the old countries, he decided he was going to give it a try. He really learned to love the game and became a student of the skills and techniques used by the young Irish boys. Being a very intelligent man, he also paid particular attention to the way the Leagues were organized in Ireland.

Upon being appointed Parish Priest of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish of St. Lawrence and Lawn In 1920, he was pleasantly surprised to see young boys of St. Lawrence kicking a football around. It utterly amazed him to see every open space occupied by the youth and adults kicking anything around that could move.

He was approached by a young man named John Murray who indicated to him that he was interested in joining the priesthood. John Murray just happened to be the most skilled player in St. Lawrence at the time. He convinced Father Thorne to organize some games for the local Laurentians. Father Thorne was delighted with this request and proceeded to form the first local soccer association. Since Lawn was a part of his parish, the first organized game was played between Lawn and St. Lawrence In 1922. After that game he took the team to play in St. Pierre and Grand Bank.

Some of the players who plaged for Father Thorne were Aloysius Farrell, Stance Murray, Ned Lundrigan, John Murray, Howard Farrell, Tom Tarrant, James Cusick, Donette Slaney, Leo Loder, Victor Slaney, and James Shea.

For Father Thorne's role as a Builder he is a welcomed addition to the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame.