David Slaney

About eighty years ago the Dock Rookies welcomed another potential soccer player into their system. David grew up playing soccer in the meadows kicking whatever he could find, even a stuffed cow’s bladder, at his brother Lar who played in goal. Somehow David never made it as a soccer player in St. Lawrence but that didn’t stop him from becoming an avid supporter of his beloved Laurentians. He tells stories of games he attended in the 1930’s and 1940’s, even one when his brother, Lar, had to play in net when, then goalie, Tommy Turpin, developed a severe flu and couldn’t play against Saint Pierre. His brother shut out Saint Pierre and he takes credit himself for all the shots he took at him while they were growing up.

When St. Lawrence entered All-Newfoundland competition in 1950 David started helping out with fundraising. During the winter months he would sell tickets on the Saturday night NHL hockey games broadcasted on CBC Radio. The money from the fundraising enabled the St. Lawrence Laurentians to travel to St. John’s and Corner Brook for the Provincial Championships.

From the 1960’s to 2005 It seemed as if David attended ever game in St. Lawrence and the Burin Peninsula. Although he never had a car, he always got a ride with someone who was going to the games. He became very well known around the Burin Peninsula. Newman Bartlett, President of the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association, used to make friendly bets with David on the games. Needless to say David used to win most of those bets. In the latter years David used to follow the Laurentians to St. John’s for the Provincial Challenge Cup Championships. Here again he become well known to St. John’s fans as a colorful supporter of his home town team, the St. Lawrence Laurentians.

Anytime St. Lawrence won the Provincial title and had to travel to the mainland David was always very generous with his money buying tickets, sponsoring players and doing whatever had to be done to raise the necessary funds to get his “boys” up to Canada to participate in the National Challenge Cup Championships. In 2005 when it looked like the St. Lawrence Soccer Association was going to have a hard time raising the necessary funds David, at 80 years old, went around the town and the Burin Peninsula selling tickets to make sure there was going to be enough money to send the team away.

Whenever a victory parade was held in St. Lawrence for another championship one of the first spectators to drink from the cup was one of their loyal fans, David. He felt very proud to be called upon by the Senior Laurentians to drink from that cup because it made him feel that his support, effort, loyalty, and dedication to his team was greatly appreciated.

The St. Lawrence Soccer Association is very proud to welcome their newest member into the St. Lawrence Soccer “WALL OF HONOUR”- Mr. David Slaney.