Coach's Corner

Top 20 of 2009

Southern Gazettte July 28. 2009

By Gord Dunphy

Top 20 of 2009

There are a lot of good players in the Provincial Challenge Cup League this year. Tomorrow, if I were asked to assemble the top 20 players for a provincial all-star team, here are my choices.

Rudy Norman,St. Lawrence Laurentians –He is the heart and soul of the Laurentians. Actually, I would rate him the top soccer player in our province today. He a great team leader with a super attitude. Rudy is the type of player that has all the tools of a great captain.

Clinton Edwards, St. Lawrence Laurentians – He is the league’s most versatile player. He is an all-star center back but is also very strong when playing in the mid-field or even in the striker position. Clinton has excellent vision on the field and plays his position very well.

Marc Pittman, St. Lawrence Laurentians – Marc is the league’s top sweeper. His shot is dynamite, and it is his physical presence and deceiving speed that allows him to keep his opponents at bay.

Andrew Murphy, Mount Pearl – Andrew is the league’s most under-rated player. This kid is a very smart player who virtually does everything well. He is solid player who can perform on the backline or in the midfield. I would use him in the mid-field on my team. I just love watching this young man play.

Jeremy Babstock, Holy Cross – He is a very honest player who is also a versatile player. Jeremy is one of those players that hardly ever has a bad game. He has a great attitude and good knowledge of the game of soccer.

Jon Kelly, Mount Pearl – Jon may be the league’s strongest player. He is one of these players that is an all-star in the center back position and that’s exactly where I would play him. He observes the field well and is very strong on the ball.

Jon Hawco, Holy Cross – Hawco is a fierce competitor, who at times loses focus on his duties but the fact still remains, he can score goals. He is one of those types of gamers who needs a fire lit under his butt to get the best out of him.

Justin Pickford, Mount Pearl – Justin is a great worker with two good feet. He is a guy who has the tools of a good striker but despite playing ball at the senior level for the past five years, his game still needs some fine-tuning. He still needs to use his partner and run, using the width of the field more.

Paul Slaney, St. Lawrence Laurentians – A solid player who performs well in the midfield. Paul has good vision and a great shot.

Colin Browne, Feildians – Colin is another under rated player. I feel he is the best left wing back in the province. He plays his position to perfection and he has a great left foot.

Zack Wade, Holy Cross – Zack plays the game with his head. Actually, he is very poised for a young player. His size gives him a decisive advantage over most of his opponents, and it is his smarts that allows him to have a nice finishing touch.

Aaron Anstey, Holy Cross – Aaron is a good solid rookie. He has good size, works hard and knows where the net is.

Ryan Slaney, St. Lawrence Laurentians – A good defensive specialist. Ryan works extremely hard, be it on the backline or from the midfield position.

Kevin Oram, Western United FC – He is a veteran player who would bring experience to any club. Kevin has good defensive skills and when on the attack, he can find the net. Kevin is another one of those versatile players.

Mark Reddy, Mount Pearl –: Mark is steady, reliable and has good leadership tools. Basically he is a solid midfielder.

Shane Antle, Mount Pearl – Shane is a veteran midfielder who would bring a great amount of leadership and experience to any club.

Corey Moore, Holy Cross – He is a good veteran striker. Corey has a good eye for the net. He is a strong runner who uses his teammates well when the opportunity presents itself.

John Acreman, Feildians – He is a solid defender who can also play the midfield position.

John Douglas, St. Lawrence Laurentians – John is the league’s top goalkeeper.

Scott Edwards, Holy Cross – You can’t replace experience when it comes to goalkeeping. Right now, Scott is on top of his game despite his age.

Dunphy’s Details: I’ve noticed all Provincial Challenge Cup teams are starting to make a move and are already gearing up towards Labour Day. All teams have added a veteran player to their roster, in hopes their addition can put them over the top.

The Laurentians’ Andrew Perrott is back in uniform. Andrew Moyst of Mount Pearl is back playing again. Craig Edwards of Marystown, is now wearing the Holy Cross colors. Colin Power, also from Marystown, has rejoined the Feildians and veteran Jan Peddle, who played with Marystown when they won the Provincial Challenge Cup in 2004, is now suited up with Western United F.C. team.