Coach's Corner

Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame; Coach’s Corner "Hall of Shame"

By Gord Dunphy

In 1986 the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association (BPSA) set up a Hall of Fame.
A person may be inducted into this prestigious category as a player, a builder, or a combination of both.

Coach’s Corner, in July of 2001, has set up a Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Shame for those elite players and builders that somehow have been omitted from the Burin Peninsula Hall of Fame.

First of all I would like to congratulate and recognize the present BPSA Hall of Fame Inductees. To date the following people have been recognized, some for their superior play and others for their structuring and promotion of the game.

Burin Peninsula Hall of Fame Inductees

Grand Bank:

1) Fred Tessier

2) Tom Rose

3) George Welsh

4) Gord Grandy

5) StanleyFizzard

6) Alfred White

7) Alister Buffett

8) Newman Bartlett

9) Bill Matthews

10) Max Hollett

11) Frank Fizzard

12) Eric Stoodley

13) Les Douglas

14) George Hickman

15) Harry English

16) Stan Grandy

17) Bruce Buffett

18) Malcolm Osmond

19) Michelle Copper-Jackamn

20) John Russell

21) Stephanie Rose Dyer

22) Clayton Walsh

23) George Snook

24) George Foote

25) Charlie Snook

St. Lawrence:

1) Gus Etchegary

2) Bob Kelly

3) Tom Turpin

4) Clem Slaney

5) Don Turpin

6) Theo Etchegary

7) Howard Farrell

8) Norm Kelly

9) Len Slaney

10) Wils Molloy

11) Robert Slaney

12) Herb Slaney

13) Cyril Quirke

14) Reg Farrell

15) Jack Lundrigan

16) Frank Tobin

17) Mike Quirke

18) Junior Edwards

19) Albert Kettle

20) Jack Simms

21) William Slaney (Dock)


1) Spenser Douglas

2) Ben Lake

3) George Collier

4) Alex Noseworthy

5) Guy Collier

6) George (Bow) Collier

7) Clyde Lee

8) Fred Rose

9) George Rose

10) Ronald Price

11) Edward Hillier


1) Wayne Hollett

2) Alphonsus Warren Sr.

3) Pat Hollett

4) Joe Brenton

5) Lawrence Warren

6) Am Inkpen

7) Dale Riggs

8) Clarence Senior

9) Frank Brenton

10) Ernest Foote


1) Peter Haley Sr.

2) John Connors

3) George C. Edwards

4) Isadore Tarrant

5) Winston Strang

6) Ernest Drake

7) Mike Drake

8) Joe Edwards

9) David (Des) Jarvis

10) Leo Tarrant


1) Eugene Rose

2) Bernard Butler

3) William Stapleton

4) Terry Mallay

5) Vince Pickett

6) Joe Keating

7) George Hodder

8) Jack Butler

9) Don Hannam

10) Howard Walsh


1) Melvin Grandy

2) Wallace Moulton

3) Horatio Cluett

4) Tom Riely

"Hall of Shame" - Members

Coach’s Corner would like to list its Hall of Shame members as I feel it’s a discredit that you as individuals have somehow been overlooked.

However, we as soccer folks may be the one’s who should be inducted into the "Hall of Blame" because the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association Hall of Fame selection committee gives any individual, family member, community representative, or local soccer association the opportunity to submit names of creditable candidates for selection. This acknowledgement must be done collectively by the nominee and the person making application.

I would like to recognize the people listed below and hopefully someday you will be chosen through the proper nomination channels.

My criteria for selection is: "To be worthy "

1) Al Slaney - St. Lawrence

2) Clarence Brooks - Grand Bank

3) Lloyd Piercy - Fortune

4) Keith Farrell - St. Lawrence

5) Colin Edwards - Lawn

6) Arthur Cluett - Garnish

7) Tom Tarrant - St. Lawrence

8) Ray Warren - Burin

9) Frank Haskell - St. Lawrence

10) Eugene Brushett - Marystown

11) Bee Forsey - Fortune

12) Manuel Cox -Burin

13) George Cooper - Grand Bank

14) Joe Turpin - St. Lawrence

15) Bill Warren - Burin

16) Norm Butt - Grand Bank

17) Albert Anstey - Burin

18) Yvonne Edwards - St. Lawrence

19) Al Reid - Marystown

20) Rod Roul - Lawn

21) Ray Molloy - St. Lawrence

22) Clarence Patten - Grand Bank

23) Brendan Slaney - St. Lawrence

24) Gord Lambe - Lawn

25) Cecil Trim -Grand Bank

26) Jessie Turner - Lawn

27) Junior Doyle - St. Lawrence

28) Neil Edwards - Lawn

29) Judy Cooper - Grand Bank

30) Rudy Slaney - St. Lawrence

31) Alf Marshall - Burin

32) Jack Cumben - Grand Bank

33) Jim Loder - St. Lawrence

34) Eli Lee - Grand Bank

35) Greg Quirke - St. Lawrence

36) Brad Edwards - Lawn

37) Fred Forsey - Fortune

38) Eddy Walsh - Marystown

39) Patty Parsons - Fortune

40) Phonse Cooper - St. Lawrence

41) Frank Pitman - St.Lawrence

42) Randy Douglas - Grand Bank

43) Rod Drake - Lawn

44) Tony Cornish - Grand Bank

45) Leo J. Slaney - St. Lawrence

46) Junior Mayo - Burin

47) Bren Brenton - Burin

48) Ed Kelly - St. Lawrence

49) Jerry Pike - Burin

50) Aubrey M Farrell - St. Lawrence

51) Albert Stacey - Fortune

52) Brud Edwards - Lawn

53) (Late) Bobby Edwards - St. Lawrence

54) (Late) Gerard Quirke - St.Lawrence

I encourage people to make sure that personalities who should be rewarded for their contributions to the development and growth of soccer are recognized. With this recognition, you should be inducted into the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame.

I would like to apologize to any elite soccer personality if I left you off my list.

The point I wish to make is that although there are many deserving individuals already inducted into the Hall of Fame, many more should be inducted.

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