Coach's Corner

Fox Reddy answers 20 questions

Southern Gazette August 01.2006

By Gord Dunphy

Fox Reddy answers 20 questions

Bernard "Fox" Reddy is presently the head coach of the Holy Cross menís soccer team. But thereís a lot of history behind this coach. As a junior player, Bernard "Fox" Reddy played with Holy Cross from 1966 to 1969, winning three city championships.

In 1969, he was a member of the provinceís Canada Summer Games team that won a national bronze medal. In the 70ís, Fox captained Holy Cross for eight consecutive seasons and he was runner-up as "Male Soccer Player of the Decade" to none other than Laurentians great Wils Molloy.

"Fox" had even greater feats in the 1980ís. He was a member of the great Holy Cross team, which won a Challenge Cup national gold medal in 1988, national silver medal in 1989 and a national bronze medal in 1981. He was a member of the Holy Cross club that won 15 consecutive St. Johnís senior titles.

Whatís even more, this guy demonstrates character, has a great passion for the game, and is a member of the provincial Soccer Hall of Fame. While Fox at the present time may be serving a suspension for sharing some of his words of wisdom with the officials, maybe itís high time that some of these officials use his words of wisdom as advice rather than treat them as abuse. At this time I will share with you some of the answers given to me when I asked him 20 questions.

1. What is your full name and where were you born and raised?

Bernard (Fox) Francis Brian Reddy. I was born on the west end of St. Johnís

2. What is your occupation?

Material handler for Emco Corporation.

3. How long have you been involved with the sport of soccer?

Over 40 years as a player and Coach. I started in the Kilbride League back in the early 60ís.

4. What is your personal motto that you coach by?

Honesty. I would, also like a player, put an honest effort into each game and practice.

5. What was your greatest accomplishment as a player?

Winning the national Challenge Cup Championship in 1988 at Saskatoon.

6.What was your greatest disappointment as a player?

Never really had any disappointment. I loved to play the game, any loss was a disappointment, but I always moved on.

7. What was your greatest accomplishment as a coach?

I felt winning the provincial U-16 and U-18 provincial championship three years in a row was a great accomplishment. I felt very proud in 2002 winning the Intermediate league during the first year with the U-18 and the mega-tournament.

8. What has been your greatest disappointment as a coach?

Coaching the U-18 All-Star team and being a medal contender, but failing to win a medal at nationals was a major disappointment to me.

9. Name the top 3 players you played with.

I played with a lot of great players on Holy Cross but the top three were: John Breen (Mr. Consistency), Bill Breen, probably the best center back in his time and Dick Power. He was a player with the entire tool to the game.

10. Name the top 3 players you played against?

I played against a lot of great players as well. Wayne Rossiter, who only had a short career with St. Pats and there was Wils Molloy of St. Lawrence and Bow Collier of Fortune

11. What's one thing related to soccer that bugs you?

The lack of commitment from players. It is not like it used to be. Maybe itís so many other activities players are associated with.

12. As a coach, what are your best qualities?

When Iím selecting my team I donít select my team only on a playerís skill level, but I look at the players overall commitment and work ethic. Also during game situations, I try to pin point what is wrong quickly and make changes if things are not going as I would like them for my team.

13. As a coach, what are your worst qualities?

At times I need to focus more on the coaching aspect of the game rather than being a spectator of the game.

14. Name the toughest soccer player you ever played against in the province?

Ed Arnott. For a small man, he was as tough as they come.

15. Is there any soccer personality who inspires you?

World-class players donít inspire me. I have a passion and love for the game so I donít need to be inspired.

16. What is the most vivid dream you've ever had when it comes to soccer?

I would have loved to play in a World Cup game -- even if it were for a mere five minutes.

17. What is your most treasured soccer award?

My gold medal that I won in 1988.

18. Who's one Challenge Cup soccer player playing for another club that you'd love to add to strengthen your team?

John Kelly of Mount Pearl.

19. After 2006, whatís in store for Fox Reddy?

I really canít say at this point in time. At this point, next season is still up in the air for me. I do know Iím not getting any younger.

20. If you were president of the NLSA what's one thing you would change?

I would put more emphasis on the development of soccer at a minor team level and I then I would get the players to associate with a club so they can be loyal to that club once they move on.