Coach's Corner

Cheers, Jeers and Tidbits -2001

By Gord Dunphy

Cheers:"To the town of Marystown and to the organizers of the First Burin Peninsula Summer Games"

The sport of soccer will be played with the girls scheduled to participate in the First Half starting on Monday July 16 - 18. The Second Half will feature boys soccer commencing on Thursday July 19 - 21. The convenor for soccer is Terry Barron while the participants age group is Under 14 and rules will be in accordance with the NLSA guidelines.

Jeers:"To the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association"

Seven teams have registered with the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association and none of these teams will be involved in regional competition until mid-July. Come on guys, get your act together. Our season is short enough as it is. I thought one of the goals of The Burin Peninsula Soccer Association was to per mote regional soccer.

Tidbit:Another elite soccer player, Craig Edwards, has been swept right out of his sweeper position by the mighty province of British Columbia.

Marystown's Craig Edwards, an engineer by profession , a general on the field and a true gentleman off the field, joins Newfoundlandís Brain Drain for employment out West. I definitely wouldnít have rated Marystown United as high in my ďChallenge Cup ForecastĒ if I had known that Craig wouldnít be available for the complete 2001 season. His talents will be missed. Good luck to Craig and family !!!

Cheers:"To Diane Riley and Jennifer Lewis"

These two girls are the Burin Peninsulaís best kept soccer secret. Both girls have made Newfoundlandís Canada Games womenís soccer team. Presently this team is training for the Canada Games which is to be held in London, Ontario in August of 2001. As a part of their training, the team travelled to Spain on July 4th to play six games including participating in a World 18 and over tournament that featured teams from such countries as Argentina, Japan, Italy and Israel.

Jeers:"To Newfoundland And Labrador Soccer Association"

The NLSA. should be held responsible for costs which occur with officials having to travel. The provincial Challenge Cup League is the responsibility of the NLSA.Obviously the NLSA should have taken preventive measures to address an official shortage. It should be of no surprise that only three qualified referees (Kevin Pittman, Bren Slaney , Jim Loder ) could not continue refereeing forever. From now on, letís address situations before they become crises.

Tidbit:Iím glad to see former NLSA. president Joe Keating is back directly involved with the game of soccer.

He is assisting coach Mel Stacey of Marystown with his duties. Joe who, last fall, lost a son through a tragic boating mishap in Grand Prairie, Alberta, has certainly contributed to the growth of soccer in our province and in Marystown. Now, hopefully, soccer will help Joe through these demanding times as much as Joe as helped soccer through some trying times.

Cheers:"To Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association "

Bravo to the NLSA for having the insight to set up the NLSA Website some years ago to inform interested parties about the NLSA, Calendar of Events, NLSA Handbook, Development, Regions, and Administration. Actually it was quite impressive!!!

Jeers:"To Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association "

Someone forgot to update The NLSA Website. It was last updated April 20, 1998. "I forgot" or "I didnít know" could hardly be an excuse.


My brother David and his family moved to St. Johnís last summer. After having both of his children (Gordie & Katie) enrolled into soccer in St. Lawrence and now in St. Johnís he feels the Burin Peninsula teams DO have an advantage in soccer. Although we have minor soccer coaches supervising and coaching our kids, these young coaches are technically sound in their knowledge and coaching of the game. While the St. Johnís teams will mainly have adults doing their coaching, their knowledge and general feel of the game leaves a lot to be desired.

Cheers:"To NLSA President Clayton Welsh, BPSA President Newman Bartlett, NLSA Minor Soccer Chair Judy Kelloway, Dave Legrow and Brian Walsh"

These group of individuals are responsible for allowing a suspension to David Steward, given in the 2000 soccer season, to be reviewed. After careful evaluation of the circumstances presented, the suspension was lifted. New evidence was presented prior to the beginning of the 2001 season by president Don Hannam from the Marystown Soccer Association and an accurate resolution was reached.

Jeers:"To Mount Pearl and the Feildians Soccer Associations"

Mount Pearl, a Challenge Cup Team, seeking to find a winning tradition and looking for a positive identity played in St. Lawrence on Saturday, July 7. The Mount Pearl club were wearing new uniforms (white), which looked great but it sure didnít have any connection with the Mount Pearl traditional colours. To date, I can remember the Mount Pearl colours first being yellow, next black/white, then back to yellow, and now white. My advice for your community is to identify themselves with a team colour and stick to it in all participating sports that your town sports programs are associated with. Feildians/Green sleeves- just because you are associated with a new sponsor I think it's ridiculous that the sponsors name appears where your club is being identified A few years ago it was Holy Cross/Green sleeves. Come on clubs, leave your sponsorís name out of your respected club name but certainly support your sponsor. I bet the alumni from Holy Cross hated the fact when Holy Cross were referred to as the Holy Cross/Cotton Club


Presently all challenge cup games which end in a draw at the end of regulation and at the completion of sudden death overtime should be reported through media that the game was a tie with both teams being awarded one point. The penalty shot shootout purpose is to bring a little more excitement to the league were the winner is awarded an extra point, but statistically that game is recorded as a tie.

Cheers:"To Diane Norman and Sharon (Lake ) Gulliver"

President Diane Norman of St. Lawrence Minor Soccer Association and Sharon Gulliver formally of St. Lawrence and now a resident of Ottawa, Ontario have coordinated a Youth Exchange Sports and Group Program were an Under 17 minor soccer team from their respective community will visit each otherís province in August of 2001 for a seven day period. The kids involved will play a series of exhibition soccer games but the main purpose of the exchange program is to identify with each otherís culture.

Jeers:"To Challenge Cup players"

Players should become more conscientious and not use foul language when participating in league games. In most cases the players are respected by the fans and in particular by the young kids in attendance, so boys please watch your tongue while in competition, Itís very easy to hear what you are saying while being a spectator. Cursing or swearing does absolutely nothing for you or the game of soccer. Role model players, Dr. Paul Slaney, Harry Kelly, Scot Bishop, Bob Spearns, and Keith Jackman can be an example to all players of the game.


Whatís up these dayís with four goals been credited as team goals in the Challenge Cup League. My understanding is the last person who touched the ball from the team which scores is credited with the goal or is there another change?