Brendan Slaney

Bren Slaney, of St. Lawrence, was one of the premier half (now known as midfield) players to come from the town of St. Lawrence. Not known primarily as a goal scorer, it was Bren who was instrumental in putting many of the great crosses into the 18 yard box that found the head of Wils Molloy and lead to many a St. Lawrence victory. Brenís memory of the seasons he played is incredible and he can keep you spellbound with stories of how certain goals were scored, how posts and crossbars denied his St. Lawrence teams many hard fought victories over long time rivals Grand Bank, Lawn, Fortune and Marystown and earned them many victories as well.. Anyone who has played with or against Bren had to admire him for his determination, playmaking ability, and constant 100% effort.

In 1962 Bren started playing at the junior age in St. Lawrence. He moved to the senior level in 1964 and won Burin Peninsula championships in 1965, 1967 and 1968. He also won provincial championships in 1966, 1967 and 1968. In 1967 his team also won the Atlantic Championships and Bren was named the Most Gentlemanly and Effective Player for the tournament. In 1970, Bren was selected to play for the provincial All-Star team that traveled to Winnipeg, and was the first to represent the province at the National Challenge Cup Championship. Bren continued to play soccer both in St. Lawrence and St. Johnís until he retired as a player in 1975.

Upon retirement as a player, Bren began giving back to the game of soccer and began as an active referee in 1976. He successfully attained the necessary refereeing levels and took part in several national tournaments until he finished refereeing in 2001, giving a full 25 years as a referee after his playing career. Bren officiated games at every level from minor to Challenge Cup and commanded the same respect as an official as he did as a player. Known among the referee fraternity as a practical joker, he was always the one to keep your eye on in case he decided to put gum in your whistle, put something in one of your boots or hide one of your socks somewhere, always with that innocent look. Among those who knew him well, Bren was the compete package. He was a great player in his day, a father who followed his 3 girls through many victories and defeats, and a person who gave a great deal back to the game afterward. The Burin Peninsula Soccer Association Hall of Fame is all the better due to his addition.

Bren is nominated in the Player Category by Kevin Pittman.