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Bernie, as he has been called all his life, was born at St. Lawrence in 1922. During the Great Depression of the 1930's, Bernie and many of his young friends spent most of their spare time playing football on any meadow that was available. He particularily spent a great deal of time playing on the HOG and the field on the Riverhead.

Bernie was always a great supporter of the grand old game in St Lawrence. He played a number of games at the Senior level but work committments prevented him from a total dedication to the game. He had spent 18 years with Iron Springs Mine, 5 years with Alcan, and 10 years with the Town of St. Lawrence.

When St. Lawrence started competitive soccer in the 1950's, Bernie was the first one off the mark to volunteer his services to the role of GATE COLLECTOR He faithfully perfomed that thankless task at the old Soccer pitch until the new pitch came into service. It didnt matter what the weather or how important the game Bernie was always at his station making sure that every cent that could be collected for the Soccer Association would be collected. His dedication to the performance of this task was an example to all who became gate collectors with him.

One of the things Bernie was always mindful of was making sure the children put their dime in the gate collection box and not at Jim Haley's Store for a custard cone. This was no easy task for the kids had many short cuts to the field via the woods that was in the bottom. Many a young fellow he chased up Riverhead Brook to get that dime.

Bernie's devotion to his volunteer work was one of the reasons the game of soccer is still a very high priority in the Town of St. Lawrence today. He has helped to lay a foundation that has been built into one of the best soccer organization in all of Canada.

Bernie is married to Elizabeth Haley and they have three grown children - Marg,Theresa and Jim along with five grandchildren.