Albert Kettle


Albert was born in St. Pierre in 1930 and moved to St. Lawrence at a very young age. As a boy he played most of his soccer on the Hog before progressing to the High School team where he played against teams from Lawn and Lamaline. When the Burin Peninsula Football League was started in 1946, Albert, at 15 years old, was called upon to play for his beloved Laurentians. He continued to play for them until he retired in 1962.

During his illustrious 17 year career Albert played on 11 Burin Peninsula Championship teams and was a member of three (3) All-Newfoundland Championship teams in 1951,1952,and 1955. In the 1954 Finals he was named the Most Valuable Player. He won a number of MVP's and Most Gentlemanly and Effective Player award with the local Laurentians.

Some of Albert's greatest foes were Sam Pretty, Gabby Butler, Farmer Breen, Harry Innis, and Ben Curtis from St. John's. On the Burin Peninsula they were Stan Grandy, Tommy Rose, Alf White, Malcolm Osmond, Stan Piercey,George Edward Hickman, Frank Patten, Spence Douglas, Syl Edwards,Conker Jim Edwards, Ernest Drake, Ted Murley, Pat and Barry Hollett. Albert says the toughest player he ever plaged against was Stan (Moose)Grandy of Grand Bank.

Some of the local players Albert played with were Gus & Theo Etchegary, Jack Lundrigan, Bill (Dock) Slaney, Herb Slaney, Peter Quirke, Charlie Banfield, Bob Kelly, Alf Giovannini, and the youngster who would replace him, Norm Kelly.

Three of Albert's sons went on to play for the Senior Laurentians, namely Max, Blaine, and Dion (Nipper) Kettle. There's no doubt they inherited their skills from their father, Albert.

Albert was elected to the St. Lawrence Hall of Fame in 1980.